November 8, 2019

Let's Play! Online Course Open for Registration

Jen Ryan

Those of you following our blog may remember that back in July we shared an exciting development on our project – the launch of an online Pedagogy of Play course. Ben and I developed and ran that first course last spring and were so grateful to the many participants for helping us build an online community around playful learning. Well, here’s to more excitement!

The current run of Let’s Play: Teaching Strategies for Playful Learning is now open for registration. Once again, we will be offering a dip into some core principles, practices, and strategies for bringing playful learning into school contexts. Key questions will include:

What does learning through play look and feel like?

How can a shared understanding of learning through play enhance a learning experience?

How can educators create conditions in which playful learning can thrive?

Discussion will consider the opportunities and challenges of incorporating play into the classroom and will draw on teacher-researcher practices developed through the Pedagogy of Play research initiative at Project Zero and partnering educators in Denmark and South Africa. Along the way, we’ll consider illustrations from classroom practice and engage in some playful activities.

The course is designed for teams -- we recommend that team participants work at the same school or organization, but if you don’t have a team we can create a ‘virtual’ team for you. Scholarships are available for those working with low-income populations.

Ready to experiment, wonder, play, and learn? Join us!

The outside classroom at International School of Billund