March 28, 2023

Launching A Pedagogy of Play—the book!

Megan Siwek

Since 2015, our research team—Pedagogy of Play—has sought to answer three key questions: Why do educators need a pedagogy of play? What does playful learning look and feel like in classrooms and schools? How do educators set up the conditions where playful learning thrives?  

We are so excited to finally share some answers to these questions in our new book, A Pedagogy of Play: Supporting playful learning in classrooms and schools! Visit our website to download a free PDF copy of the book or purchase a hard copy through the publishing platform Lulu. Spanish and Chinese translations will be available for download soon. Stay tuned!

In addition to our book, our website has many FREE resources organized into new tabs at the top. Visit our Key Ideas tab for a more detailed look at six core principles of a pedagogy of play, a closer look at what playful learning means and looks like, and key playful learning practices and strategies. The For Educators tab is exactly as it sounds—a page offering tools, strategies, and guides to support playful learning and teaching in the classroom and school, across ages and contexts. Lastly, the For Teacher Educators page includes a 14-week curriculum for introducing preservice candidates to playful learning. This page includes a suggested syllabus, modules for each week, activities, assignments, and videos to support pre-service teacher candidates' playful learning.